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Episode 78: Enjoying What We Do with Mike Bisceglia of Mike Delivers

It was an incredible honor having Mike Bisceglia from the Mike Delivers podcast as a guest on today's episode. It's really easy to get going talking about delivery, stories from the road, all that. We easily could have kept going forever.

You can follow Mike on Twitter or you can join his Patreon community for bonus content.

Here's a somewhat cleaned up transcript. I'm realizing when i pull a transcript from this that I stutter more than I realize. So it's not all 100% word for word but hopefully captured as much as possible. If you like reading through this kinda thing instead of listening, here it is. But to really get the feel for it, click on the player below and give it a listen.

Mike Bisceglia from the Mike Delivers Podcast joins us this week to talk about enjoying what we do and shares some stories from the road.
Mike Bisceglia from the Mike Delivers Podcast joins us this week to talk about enjoying what we do and shares some stories from the road.

Getting Started

Well, courier nation, I mentioned last week that I'm coming up on my one year anniversary and July 1st, we launched the deliver on your business podcast. I said, what should we do for a celebration? And I'm kind of looking forward to this. Cause I think just having the guests we've got on today is a good way to celebrate.

Now a while back, I had Brian from the UDM YouTube channel on as a guest. And one thing I always enjoyed about Brian was he's always got this tag line that he starts at the beginning of his episodes about if you do what you love and love what you do. And I've always liked that I, that's always been just fun. And I think, you know, because my podcast is so much about business and everything like that, that's sometimes easy to forget, but I think that's one of the most important business approaches you can have:I just do something you enjoy doing.

And as an outsider, I think it'd be real easy for me to look at delivery and say, yeah, there's no way you can love doing that. It just doesn't always look like the most attractive kind of thing. And I love the heck out of it, but I don't know how much of it is that it's that enjoyable, and how much of it is that you just make a choice to enjoy what you're doing.

Going into this, there's a few guys on Twitter that I like to follow, where sometimes we'll get into discussions about things. And one day Ricky, who goes by Food Delivery Champ, he posted something on there. “Hey, I'm about to listen to Mike delivers podcast.”

And I was like, wait, what? There's another food delivery podcast out there? I must crush them!

Enjoying listening to podcasts

Here's a thing I love about doing deliveries is listening to podcasts. I took some time off there for a little while during the pandemic. I was going nuts during that time because it just wasn't as natural to kick on a podcast at home as it is when I'm out driving around. We can play them at home, but it's not the same thing.

When I got started with this podcast, before I started I had searched all over, actually trying to find any podcasts about delivery, even episodes about delivery or something. I'm pulling up all sorts of stuff about how to do websites and different things like that. There's a couple of gig economy ones out there. And every once in a while, the Rideshare Guy will talk about delivery.

I just realized, Hey, there's no competition out there to start a podcast in this area. And folks the best way to be the number one podcast in your field is to be the only one in your field. So here I am.

But then I get this revelation that there's another delivery podcast out there and it's kind of troublesome.

And the part that made it worse was I liked it. I probably even liked it better than my own. So, you know, how can you hate a guy that you enjoy listening to?

But I took some comfort in the fact that, Hey, we're doing some different things here. Mine is focusing on the business of delivery. And Mike with Mike delivers, he kind of really gets into a lot of the entertaining aspects and everything. He is a great storyteller, and he gets into the food itself.

So I don’t feel like he's competition at all. Or maybe I tell myself that because if he was then I'd have my butt handed to me pretty quickly. Cause I dunno,  if it's entertainment versus business, I think entertainment is probably gonna win every time.

Welcome, Mike, to the podcast

But anyway, that's a long intro folks, but here's where I'm going. It goes back to what I said to begin with about love what you do and do what you love. I think that’s what I really enjoy about Mike's podcast is you just really get into just the enjoyment of the experience. At least that's what I take away from it. And you know, I think the reason I've been able to stay at doing this delivery thing for a couple of years and probably even what got me into doing a website and stuff like that is< I just enjoy it.

But you know, the thing about delivery is, I don't know, is it whether it's fun by nature or it's fun because you focus on the fun part of it? Maybe a bit of both. I think that's why I really have enjoyed Mike's podcast and finding it. I think he captures a lot of the humor. He captures the entertainment and just some of the fun stuff.

So it is really an honor to have Mike Basciglia from the Mike delivers podcast on today. Mike, welcome.


Thank you so much. I appreciate the kind words and thanks for having me on the podcast. I love what you said in your introduction and yeah, I, I love doing this. I love the stories that come from this and I find it really weirdly therapeutic being on the road. So the stories that, you know, I just take a couple notes when I'm on the road and I've had, I've had a blast doing some deliveries this last year.


There's times it can wear on you a little bit, but I think sometimes it's IF you let it wear on you. Along time ago, I decided to quit stressing about things like tips and stuff like that, because it's just, it wasn't worth what it did to my day.

I think the intro in your last episode, Andrew put that line in there: He says it makes total sense that you're delivering food, but it makes less sense that you're doing a podcast about it. That was fun. I enjoy your intros that you have people do for you. But I don't know, It seems like a natural fit to me. Tell me about how'd you get into delivery and, what got you started with doing the podcast?


Yeah, absolutely. So about a year ago now. So I would say probably about 14 months ago now I was producing the morning show for CBS sports radio and I would be done around 11 o'clock every day at 11:00 AM. So I get back in the car, go home from New York city to New Jersey, 1130 to noon every day, I'm home. And granted I'm getting up at three in the morning, so it's early, but I had the full day free and my wife was like, you need something to do. You're bored.

And I'm one of these people, like I needed something to do. So she recommended why don't we do Uber eats? I was like, ah, I don't know if I want to do Uber eats. I, Hey, I can't, I don't know if I want to do Uber Eats. But she said, you know, you have the flexibility. If you want to do it, you can, you can go on the road. If one day you're busy with other stuff, you don't have to do it. I said, okay, I'll give it a shot.

And three deliveries later first day doing it. I fell in love with it. I was having so much fun. I enjoyed the idea of what I put out there on the road. Granted, there's a lot of variables, but I could make more money if I spent more time on the road. And that wasn't something I was used to as a salaried employee, which isn't a bad thing. It's a great thing to have that comfort. But at the same time, I was like, this is exciting. I do a good job. I can make more money. I do a bad job. I make less and there's some incentive to be on the road.

And then I did it for a couple months and I was sharing stories with people, Oh, this happened on the road. I had this happen on the road. This guy came out in his underwear and I was wearing the same underwear as him. I was like, Oh my God, we have the same underwear on.

And then I realized I always wanted to do a podcast, but I just didn't know what my platform was. And I said, you know what? I'm going to share my stories from the road. And that's kind of the evolution of the podcast.

And then it's evolved from there where my wife and I do food reviews on Uber eats orders delivered to us and then try to interview some people about food delivery. And it actually, initially the podcast was called basketball drives because I wanted to talk about basketball. And then I realized I didn't really even care to talk about basketball that was boring. Anybody can have an opinion on who's going to win in the NBA playoffs. Who cares? I want to talk about what I see on the road as a food delivery driver in Northern New Jersey. And that's kinda the, the spark of it. And a year later here we are.


I went back, listened to some of the earlier episodes and I kind of got that sense that it was like, okay, yeah, basketball. Oh, now on to food delivery. You could almost just kind of see that drawing you more into what's going on with that.

Now you focus a lot on Uber eats. Have you, have you done any deliveries with any of the other platforms or anything?


Good question. I have not. And I originally wanted to sign up for another platform. I believe it was Doordash. I can't remember now off the top of my head, but I could not get into it. It was almost locked out in. There was there just was too many drivers I guess, in the area. So then I went to Uber eats and I have not tried another one.

I do want to try it though for the podcast. Cause think it would be interesting to talk about using another platform on cause I'm just so now used to everything that Uber eats has done, but I have never used another platform. I'm like a little nervous to even try it. I'm sure it'd be fine once I got going, but I'm still a little anxious. Like do I click left? Do I click right? Has this going to work? Am I going to figure this out? Because I do remember the first order I did for Uber eats. I had no idea what I was doing and it was a little intimidating. I'm sure I'd be fine now, but no, to answer your question, I have only done Uber eats and nothing else at this point.


You mentioned that as far as where you said you might try it just maybe if nothing else for the podcast. Do you ever find yourself taking deliveries, maybe just because you probably wouldn't normally take it, but you think there might be something in this or something?


That is a great question. And the answer is absolutely. Yes.

There was an order that I talked about on a previous episode where I got notes from the gentlemen who said, can you please deliver this? It was a girl. He was trying to get back and he was like, can you deliver this to where she works? It's a surprise. I got to her office or where she works. It wasn't an office, but it was where she worked. They're like, yeah, she's not here today.

So I called them back. I said you know, she's not here. And he's like, ah, okay, just drop it off. I was like, are you okay if you, if you drove over to her apartment complex, which is a couple miles away, I was like, sure, it's good for the story. It's good for the podcast. Let's do it. And then away we went and I just drove another four miles. He gave a great tip. I dropped off the food, got his number. And then he gave me an update on how their relationship's going. So I was like, maybe normally, if I was just trying to go out there and go to the next order, I would not have been so I'm into this, but I was like, you know what? This is going to make for a good podcast story. Let's do it.


I did this, this last weekend, that Grubhub threw this thing out that said, “Hey, if you if you accept a hundred percent of your orders, we'll give you $4, extra per delivery. And I know what a disaster it is usually to take every order with Grubhub. But it was just one of those: “Yeah. I could write about this.”


I totally get that. I mean, the more you've done now, you kind of have an idea like, okay, is this going to create content? Is this going to be interesting? Or is this something I've seen a million times and not worth it. But you know, your spidey sense goes up. You're like, alright, there might be something here. So I completely understand that perspective and I go with it. So I get it.


And sometimes it's just about the experience.

I had one time, I took one that, you know, one of the big differences with GrubHub and DoorDash are they give you the total amount ahead of time. Now, gosh, up until a few months ago, you didn't even have any idea about the amount with the Uber eats. And they finally started throwing that in. But you know, with those two, they just tell you the total amount. So you know what you're getting paid. And I picked up one that it was like, it was $3. And it was like, well, no. And I don't even know why I took it. I ended up dropping off to a room in a therapy hospital or something like that. And this guy, he was celebrating. He was there for brain damage. His mom told me about it. She ordered, she probably had no idea about how this works or about tipping or anything like that. But she was just so excited because she was able to order food for him for the first time after he had got into a bike accident or something like that. It's that kind of stuff that it's like, okay. I think I'm okay not getting a tip on that one. Just being able to experience it, you know?


Yeah, yeah, totally understand that. And to play off that, you know, just the unique and interesting people that you get to meet and you get to get involved with and the stories you hear from people and the human side of things. And like you just mentioned is something I never really thought of when I got into doing Uber eats and delivery, but has been a pleasant surprise in some of the fun friendships that have made even with, with people. More so like at restaurants and you see the same owners and that you're able to go in there and they say, Hey, and they trust you and you trust them and you, and you build a relationship off. That was something I never really thought of. But now doing it, it's like, I, I don't know how I could be without that.


Yeah. How do you feel with that? When you go into the restaurant, like you said, with the owners, you need to build a good relationship with them, but then you watch some of the ways that other drivers act. I mean, there's some where it's like, man, there's a huge chip on their shoulder or something like that.


That, that is a great question. And it's interesting. Cause you'll go into places and you'll see guys be jerks and you'll see them treating other people poorly. And like sometimes I'll see guys running in and they're on their cell phone and they'll just shove the phone in front of someone's face. Like here's the order and there's no human relationship and back and forth, especially like this time of what we're going through right now. You need to make sure that people are, you got to have a little more courtesy and understanding, like it's going to be more difficult for the restaurant owner. It's gonna be a little more difficult for the driver, but we're all in this together. We need to do things properly, but you're right. You'll see people treating other people like jerk showing off their phone. Hey, here it is, here it is, demanding the food. And then I hate when they're like, that's such a funny question. Cause I'll hate when somebody goes in first and it's like that, and then I follow it. So I'm like, Oh, now this guy is the restaurant owner or person there is going to be mad at me when I'm just the second person coming in. I'm sorry, I'm just here for the pickup. They'll get mad at me because he was a jerk. So, I feel that.


But you know, the funny thing is though, that it's like, especially those regulars and when you're cool with everybody that's in there and, and you treat them well, I don't know how many times I'm like the last one in and I'm the first one out or something like that. Cause they like take care of you, you know?


No, that's very, that's very true. And they, they see it and they know you and you build a relationship and they want to make sure that they can get that order there first. So I mean, just like anything else, building relationships, helping your business and helping you smooth along for the best deliveries you can do and making sure they go as smooth as possible. And as quick as possible.


One of the things you mentioned about that, just that human interaction: I think that's one of the reasons is this is such a good fit for me. It is like you get just enough interaction without too much, you know, you get a chat a little bit with some of the folks at the restaurants. And usually it's just kind of a quick exchange.

Usually if the customer’s got a dog, I'll say something about, Hey, I get it. That's life with my dogs or something like that. But you know, it's just a few words, but it's likeit's still enough to feel like, okay, you're, you're still kind of like human out there.

But, then you don't get them in the car the whole time. Like you do with rideshare. That might be a little too much for me. I'm not sure.


Yeah. I've never done the Uber side of things just UberEATS on my end too.


Yeah, I did taxi like 20 years, 30 years ago. Gosh, I'm betraying my age right there.

What would you say if you were to pick one thing that you just really enjoy the most about the delivery? What would you say it is?


My answer would be, I like that when I do it, my sole focus is on the deliveries and doing the job that, in a good way, I sort of forget about all the crap that's going on in my life. And I get so focused and zeroed in on making sure that I can pick up this burrito and take it to said customer and that I figured out the route and it just kind of puts me at ease and relaxes me. Whenever I felt that I was like in an anxious state, doing these deliveries, maybe I'm putting on some sports radio. I like listening to another podcast that I enjoy and I'm just picking up orders. It seems to calm me down. And then when I'm done, I look and I go, Oh, okay. There's 170, $72 in my account. That's pretty cool.

But more than anything, it just, I was surprised with how much it relaxed me now. Granted, of course, there's going to be times where I'm double parking in places I'm running out and you know, there's, there's cars honking behind me. The person's at the door, not answering the car and it's a one way street and I'm trying to fit, you know, I'm trying to figure out how to get them the food and not piss off the person behind me. So I'm not saying it's like, Oh, this is so I'm at a spa getting a massage with champagne, but it just puts me in a good mental place. And I think more than anything, I like that distraction that it gave me and it gives me, and every time I'm usually finished with the day, I have a sense of accomplishment.

I really enjoy that. So more than anything, just how it kind of puts my mindset in a good spot.


Yeah, no, I totally understand that. I did gosh, 20, some years in telecom and then a couple of years I was a business manager for this little nonprofit in the area. It’s like, you get out and do delivery and all of a sudden I'm like done at the end of the day and it's like, I can just go home. I don't have to worry about that deadline coming up tomorrow. I don't have to worry about that meeting. I don't have to worry about some boss coming after you and stuff like that. And it's just like sweet.


Yeah. That's an excellent point. And I think the dichotomy of what I do with CBS sports radio, where it's a nonstop 24, seven kind of job, because in sports, the news cycle doesn't stop. Like you gotta be on top of sports. You gotta have guests ready. Even when your show's over, you're worried about the next day and you gotta get things rolling. And not that that's a bad thing, but there is something to it when you know you're done.

And it's over, there's nothing to think about for the next time. You're thinking about how I can improve as a driver. Maybe I could have done this differently, but for the most part it's, yeah, it's alright. That's over. And I don't have to bring the stress back from the road to the house and that's, that's a great point. And I completely agree with what you said.


What do you hate the most about it? Anything just really drives you crazy.


I mean, I do get frustrated. Two part:  When the app, when the GPS doesn't work and it's zig-zagging you all over the place and, and then you're a little delayed, so you go one way and then it says, now you're going the wrong way. That's frustrating. I would say, of course I don't like that.

You said this earlier in the podcast and in this conversation, I'm still trying to get better at it, but when people don't tip and you feel like you did everything, you could, it is, it is mind numbing. Like I delivered in a snow storm. I went through the snow. I tracked through it. You couldn't throw a dollar. Like, it's hard for me to understand that mindset. I am trying to do a better job and just understanding that there will be times where it's just, it's not you, it's the person and it is, it is.


And then also something that's kind of frustrating is I have a pretty good rating. It's like 98%, but there's a couple of thumbs down. And maybe you could help him and there's an answer to this. I'd love to know what happened. That I got a negative response, like was the food missing? Was there something in the container that was something I could not have done that.Did I say something? I mean, did I do something wrong without knowing it? I'd love more feedback on why there's some thumbs down because I don't ever think, minuss a long wait, I don't think I've done anything. I don't think I'm insulting people or doing anything like that. So I'd love to know why the thumbs down, I’d be curious


Yeah, that's a mystery. Man, that is such a mystery because I've had that. Gosh, you know, I went from within a couple of days, I'd gotten up to a hundred percent. This is awesome. And all of a sudden I take a look and I'm at 96. How, how the hell did that happen? And I have no idea.

I think the problem with the ratings is it's worse actually on door dash is there were so many things you get rated on that are totally out of your control. You know, if the restaurant screwed up the order, I'm not one of those people that's going to go rifle through the order to check everything. Some of that is time, but some of that is, I don't want somebody else digging through my foods. So I'm, I'm not going to do that. And I'll check with the restaurant folks.I say, okay, well we got this and this. Oh, yup, yup, yup. That's all there. Okay. I take them at their word and if that's not there, or if they cook something wrong and sometimes they'll rate the delivery based on that.

Or maybe you got the order you got, you know, things are just super busy with Uber eats. So by the time you got the order, it's already late and you're busting your butt, doing everything you can, but you can't control that part. That it's already late before you get there. You know? So some of that stuff that you just, worry about the things you can control and, and that's a hard one for me. Cause there's times I'm the same way. I'm like, I dunno what I could have done differently. And I just have to remind myself, it's them, you know, it's them, not me.


Yeah. I mean, you bring up a good point. You'll go to a restaurant and there'll be times where the bag sitting there and you go to get it. You're relieved. Cause you're like, okay, good. I don't have to wait the food's here. I can get up and go. But maybe that bag of food has been sitting there for 35 minutes and you're, unfortunately the person picking it up, but now you're in a bad spot because they're hungry, they're angry and they're going, where's this food been. And you're just here you know, or you've been there for two minutes. It's one of those mysteries of how long has that bag been there? I wish you could know, but you know, it is what it is.


It’s kind of like, sometimes especially with a pizza place or something like that, you pick it up and you grab it. Yeah. You grab it and right away, you know, man, this is cold. This is not going to go well.


Right. Exactly. Exactly.


I was talking with my family the other day and I think my brother asked me, Hey, what's the craziest thing has happened to you. I just drew a total blank. I don't know if it's just my age catching up with me and maybe it's just kind of being more in the moment or something like that. And there's times that I think maybe I have to start writing some stuff down, so I can go back and tell the story. Kind of like way back when I drove a cab and there are all sorts of crazy things that happened and I'm not sure I could tell you any of them right now.

That's one thing that's kind of fun listening to you is you do a great job. Just telling some of the stories out there. And I listened to those and I was like, man, I wish I had thought to do that. What would you say Is one story that really sticks out in your mind right now? You told the one already about the guy chasing that down, and that was fun to listen to, by the way. You got anything that just really kind of sticks out in your mind is just one of the craziest things you ever saw.


Yeah. There was one and it's kind of like a two part story.

So I live in Northern New Jersey, just outside New York city. Probably I do a lot of orders anywhere from three to 15 miles West of New York city. And this was late in the summer and I got a pick up that was to go to one of these like gourmet bakeries. And I got six giant cookies, like just humongous cookies. And I pick up the order and the way Uber eats worked then is it's changed a little bit. Now it's like the software has gotten a little more sophisticated and helpful for the driver. But at first, when you picked up an order, you didn't know where you were going. You didn't, you had no information. It was basically like, you know, swipe, pick it up and let's find out where we're going. Now, you have a little more information.

So I got the order picked up the cookies. It was a double order, which meant I was going to person A first, then person B got the order, dropped off the cookies that person A wanted, and then moseyed on to person B to get them their cookies. And it turns out I was dropping off for A, for a guy giving him six giant cookies at a hotel room. And I was like, alright, this is kind of strange. A guy in his hotel room just wants six massive cookies was like kind of odd, but I get it. You have a cookie craving. It is what it is. So I drive on over and I'm getting to the hotel and all of a sudden I see New York giants in the hotel. And it clicked in my head.

This is the New York giants camp for summer, for summer football. So it's right by where the giants play and this must be the team hotel. So I then get the order and I'm walking up and there's a six foot seven, 334 pound man coming to me, get his cookies. I'm like, Oh my God, I'm dropping off for New York Giants. This is kind of cool. So I drop him off the cookies and he's going back towards the elevator. He came into the lobby and this is pre pandemic. So it's different world, of course. And I'm starting to walk back outside and I'm starting to Google cause I have his first name. So I want to figure out who it is. And he was decked out on all this giants apparel. So just as I figure out who it is, it's John Jenkins of the New York giants.

I hear, I hear him in the background yelling at me, sir, sir, come back, come back. And he runs back towards me and he goes, you got my cookie order wrong. You got these, aren't the cookies I ordered. And I'm explaining to him on the app. It doesn't say the specific type. It just says the number, there was six cookies there. He wanted M and M cookies. I gave him chocolate chip cookies. So he was massively disappointed, massively disappointed.

So long story short. I then through my connections with CBS sports radio, I emailed the New York giants PR staff. They get me access to come to practice. So I go to practice a few days later and I deliver him the right cookies. And we sit down and have an interview after Giant's practice. And I then find out that they were for his kids and he was so upset because he knew his kids were going to be in such a bad mood that they got the wrong cookies that day. So that became full circle. I got to interview him about the experience and it was kind of cool. He said to me after, this is the strangest interview request I've ever had in my career. And I was like, this is really cool.

And then it's funny. Cause then you start following these guys. Like I was rooting for him to do well because I'm like, I know him. I want him to have a successful season, which I thought was kind of fun.


You mentioned something in there about being pre pandemic. This whole Corona virus thing has just changed everything. It's the kind of thing that, I mean, man, I've been so thankful that I've been able to just keep delivering through all this, you know, I mean, there's a lot of people that are  just totally out of work out of money, all that stuff. So, you know, you kind of feel fortunate that you're in the middle of something that doesn't get shut off, but I don't know. What's been your experience with the pandemic? And how does that seem different? And you see things better? Do you see things,  obviously a lot worse? Talk a little bit about that as far as what that's been for you as delivery person.


Yeah. It's been a weird wild roller coaster. And to be completely honest, I ended up getting the virus way back when months ago, months ago. So I stayed off the road for a while. Because one, I had it and I didn't want to share it with anybody.

So it took me months before I got back on the road cause I wanted to be safe and smart. And then I get back on the road and I've noticed that the orders are coming in all the time. So typically like for me a Sunday would always be the best day because people are ordering it's pre pandemic, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you know, there's no rules with Sunday. People are just getting food all the time and it became Sundays became every day, people are getting orders left and right, new restaurants have been added.

And the other thing was the tips were through the roof, people feeling, you know, going out there and giving bigger tips, knowing that you're putting yourself on the line out there traveling from restaurants to different restaurants, to other people's homes. And it's just been insane, the amount of orders and the money. You know, I didn't do a lot of it early on, but I heard through a lot of different people that I've become friends with, different drivers through this podcast and kind of like a little community is, the amount of what some guys were making in a day, 300 plus dollars in one day. And I mean, you know, like figuring out the math on what that would be. I mean, it was just insane amount of money that you could make in a week.

You know, people think, Oh, you're a delivery driver. How much money could you make? And it's like, some people were making like $2,000 a week, not every other, not every two weeks, every week making serious money because tips were up and it was nonstop, like wake up in the morning and go to the night that Uber eats. I now saw they put a cap on how many hours in this area you could do a week because I think people were just going like, you know what, I'm going to work hard. I'm going to hustle. I'm going to take it to a new level. They had to say, you can't do more than 60 hours in a week because you know, normally if you were to do like a Monday morning, afternoon, night, eh, there's some deliveries in the evening, but it's not the same now or early on in the pandemic. And in the New Jersey area specifically Monday at 10:00 AM if people needed food. So it was just like, it was nonstop orders and, we’re one of the businesses benefiting from it were actually delivery drivers.


Yeah. No kidding. It's been crazy. I mean, the beauty of it was no traffic, no parking problems, except for at the customer place. Cause everybody's home. And so you get some of those neighborhoods where the streets are already packed and now nobody's going into work. So you get there to deliver and there's nowhere to park at the customer. But yeah, you pull up and it's like all these restaurants, jeez, to never be able to find parking for and you're pulling right up to the front door. You know, I usually get about two to two and a half hour deliveries in an hour's time. There were times where I was getting between four and five in an hour because you had no traffic and it was beautiful


And that’s so true. And I didn't bring that up before. It's, it's amazing when you would go out on the road and you know, normally you're like, ah, this place, I don't know if I want to go to this place. The parking is the worst. I have to go walk through this. And now you're just rolling on up nobody on the road, right to the restaurant, because they didn't have people sitting in their restaurant. They're more on top of the orders. So you're not waiting. You're rolling in, you're getting the bag, you're moving along and you're right. I mean, it was just, it was, it was crazy how efficient it would be and then not having to worry about the traffic. It was a delivery driver’s dream.


Yeah, no kidding. Now you said that you caught it. Did it really knock you out pretty good or was it kinda So-so or what was that like?


Yeah, I had it and I had a really high fever and something. The first night I had it, well, first of all, I didn't know. And I, I sometimes get gout on my feet and it's just like the worst pain ever. I don't wish gout on my worst enemy. It's awful. And whenever I get gout, I get really bad sweats at night because I'm trying to like get it out of me. So the first night I fell asleep and I woke up and I'm like, Oh no, I have gout again. I'm sweating. Oh no, this can't be happening. And then I was like, the next day happened. And I was like, this is still going on.


So went to the Medi clinic. They did not have the COVID test, but I did get my fever. And it was like 102. And I was like, Oh boy. And I took the flu test, which came back negative. And at this point I'm like, this has to be it.

But my biggest, my biggest anxiety was I have my pregnant wife with me. So I was like, Oh no. And then of course I gave it to her and she had more of the breathing issues than I did. That really wasn't a thing for me so much. I had like a funky headache and a high fever temperature. And what's interesting too was, this is like before more information came out on this. So I had like, there'd be like a little taste. My taste buds weren't as good, but I didn't know. This was like a thing with COVID where you get it and you can't taste as well. And that's like weeks later, or months later, if you get COVID you can't taste your food. Cause I remember finally feeling a little better and just like plowing chicken fried rice and Wonton soup, and like plowing it. And I was like, this is good, but it doesn't really taste great. And that was a big takeaway. But I was, luckily everybody, my wife, me, we're all healthy. We're all feeling great now everything's good. But you know, there was the fear of the unknown and then her with the breathing stuff was definitely anxiety driven, but all is good.


Yeah. No kidding. I had timeswhere I know one of those early things that I saw was one of your best indicators was, you know, if you couldn't hold your for very long and there's times I'm driving, it's like, Oh man, something feels off. Am I getting this? So Isit there and try and hold my breath for 10, 15, 20 seconds. And it's like, if I got it and I don't, honestly, I don't think I ever came down with it that I know of, but I'm hearing a lot of people that have caught it that had no idea or something like that, that at least they're getting the antibodies, but it is good to know you got through it okay.

Do you kind of feel like Superman now when you go out and stuff like that, kinda like, okay, I got this, I can't get it now?


You know, there is some of that sense, but then at the same time, it's like, we don't have a lot of information on this,  who really knows, you know? So obviously going out and being, you know, doing everything the right way. But it is in the back of my mind knowing like, Hey, I had it. So I do feel a little bit better about that. But then I'm like, Oh God, I don't want to be that guy that they go to. And he's like, you had it twice. And it's like, who really knows? So when definitely when I'm out on the road too, it's, you know, gloves mask and doing hand sanitizer and you know, doing everything the right way. Cause I always feel weird. Like I don't want to tell people, Hey, I had this three months ago and I'm delivering your food. It's like a weird thought that always creeps in my head, even though, I might be like the best person to bring that to them because I've had it. And I could actually be the safest driver out there. But, but of course I can't tell that in the notes, like, Hey, I'm coming with your food. Just want you to know I had this three months ago. Like you can't put that in there.


That's not a good way to encourage more tips either. Probably.


No, definitely not. Definitely not.


Mike, appreciate just all your time here and everything like that. And it's kind of like, okay, it could be a whole lot more things I could ask different stories, stuff like that. And I don't want to go too long here on the episode, I guess, but kind of parting parting words or anything, any last piece of advice you would offer to anybody that is out there doing delivery right now? What's one thing you would tell somebody to do if they're thinking about doing this?


I would say the most important thing is just to smile. Like I know it sounds kind of silly, but when you see a person and now there's a lot of like contact-less delivery. But when you see a customer, when you see someone that you're at that business, just, just smile and be nice. And I think that goes a long way with anything. Like I know him, someone delivers food to me and they're just like in a good mood, even if you have to fake it for that one minute, I think it goes a long way. If you're doing deliveries and enjoy the moment and just kind of like, just understand that you are doing a good for people and you're helping people and you're getting food, especially this, this time of that we're living in how important it is for delivery drivers.

So just know that you're somebody out and just have fun with it and just know that like, who knows what stories are coming, have a game with it, try to beat your income from the day before and just have a blast.

And I've enjoyed being on this episode. It's fun talking with other drivers because there's definitely like a sense and understanding of something that you and I have gone through and deliveries and just the little, little, little situations that happened that maybe not other people could understand. So it's been really fun hopping on with you and talking about these stories and I love reliving and sharing some of the moments I've had on the road.


It's fun. It's been a lot of fun. I had a quick question for you. Cause you talked about smile. You ever felt like your smile was wasted. Cause you got this stupid mask on.


You know, that's a good point. That's a really good point. And I actually, it's funny. I did, I'm not a delivery, but yet last night my wife and I for, for the month of July, we're trying seafood from different Uber eats chain restaurants. So yesterday we got the popcorn shrimp from Popeye's in Montclair, New Jersey. And I do a lot of Popeye's orders and they're always good in places except this one location, never on time. So I could tell there was the woman next to me was getting really frustrated that our order wasn't coming up, but she's in a mask. So like you can kind of read her eye eyes and you can tell that she's given a frown and that she wants to like communicate with you. Oh, this is awful. And like, you're commiserating with the annoyance of the experience of waiting for your food, but then the mask is there. So I'm like, is she upset? Maybe I'm upset. I just want to double check. So you're so right. You got, I guess you gotta give a really big smile and you can't take the mask off to show it. So mostly with this pandemic, you know, maybe a smile with a little eye nod.


Yeah I've noticed that though, sometimes too, you smile at somebody and you just kind of see the corner of their eyes turn up or something like that, that you think that they smiled back. So maybe they recognized it.

Dude, you were so brave. Guys, one thing that is fun listening to Mike's podcast is he and his wife will try out different foods. In this last month. He did taco bell and I thought you gotta be nuts.


It's funny. It was the first time I ever had Taco Bell, well, I had it a little bit before, but never like I had the chicken quesadilla a few times or steak quesadillas, but I didn't really understand the menu. First time I had Taco Bell and we did five weeks of it. It was disgusting. It was the worst thing I ever had, but by the fifth week. I was like, this isn't so bad. And then you start craving it. It's bizarre. It's awful. It's disgusting. But by the end of this experience, my wife and I looked at each other yesterday and go I kind of want taco bell. I am like, I know it's horrible. Why do I want this? I don't know what they're doing, but they're there. They're geniuses there at Taco Bell, they really are


There was a poll, not that long ago that taco bell was voted the best Mexican restaurant in the United States. I think that said everything you need to know about this country.

Mike, thanks so much for coming on. It has been a blast and folks, you got to go check out. Mike delivers

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