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Delivering Catering Orders on DeliverThat with CEO Aaron Hoffman

Outside the big three on demand delivery companies, I'm not sure anyone else has reached into as many markets as catering specialist DeliverThat.

Aaron Hoffman joins us today to talk about DeliverThat and the opportunities available to delivery drivers. 

  • How he started DeliverThat from his dorm room in college
  • Challenges of starting his first deliveries in a world dominated by large tech companies
  • Philosophy of being a company for drivers made by drivers
  • How DeliverThat can provide unmatched personal support for drivers
  • How was their delivery model impacted by COVID?
  • How Aaron sees the place DeliverThat can have for independent contractors who deliver for other platforms
  • Describing the delivery opportunities on catering orders
  • The type of markets DeliverThat is in and how they launch new markets
  • What does he see as the biggest challenge when using independent contractors?
  • What are the challenges to fulfilling all of their orders?
  • Thoughts on independent contractor status and where the country is going with that.

At the end, I share some thoughts on my takes as a DeliverThat catering contractor. Overall my experience has been positive. There are a couple of things about how they do things that may not be popular.

Overall, I think DeliverThat is a true gig economy opportunity. As contractors in the delivery space, we work delivery by delivery. Because they do catering orders, there can be some very attractive deliveries. Other times, options from other platforms may be better.

You can sign up for DeliverThat here. If asked if you were referred, just let them know Ron Walter sent you!

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