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The Business Side of Self Employment

Embrace your role as a business owner.
Be the boss.

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What is the EntreCourier?

When you agreed to be an independent contractor, you agreed you were providing services as a business, not as an employee.

EntreCourier exists to help you embrace your role as a business owner. We look at the business side of self-employment and how to be the boss of your own business.

We're here to help you be the boss of your own business.

A delivery contractor with a backpack pedals away from under a downtown awning after picking up a Doordash order.

Topics in the EntreCourier

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  • Money, Finances and Insurance for Gig Workers
    In the articles below, we look at the different financial tools and needs for independent contractors in the gig economy. We discuss how insurance works and how contractors can handle their money.
  • Independent Contractor Taxes
    Taxes are different for independent contractors in the gig economy than they are for an employee with a W2. There's too much about gig worker taxes to cover in a single article adequately. For that reason, we've assembled several articles about the many aspects of how taxes work for self-employed gig workers, particularly in the …
  • Understanding Profit and Loss in the Gig Economy
    Too many independent contractors, especially in delivery and rideshare, evaluate their earnings in terms of the money that comes in. You must understand that as a business owner, your earnings are your profits, or what's left over after expenses. We look at how that works for independent contractors. The following articles discuss what it is …
  • Using Business Strategies to Make More Money
    One of the most important differences between working as an independent contractor and an employee is your control over your work. You have more opportunities to let your business decisions influence your profitability. With a business mindset, you can decide what makes the most sense for you. You can think in terms of strategies that …
  • Independent Contractor or Employee?
    What does it mean to be an independent contractor? How is that different than employment? When you agree to be an independent contractor, you agree that you are providing services as a business instead of as an employee. You file taxes as a sole proprietor or small business owner. Why do companies use independent contractors …

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