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The Business Side of Self Employment

Embrace your role as a business owner.
Be the boss.

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What is the EntreCourier?

When you agreed to be an independent contractor, you agreed you were providing services as a business, not as an employee.

EntreCourier exists to help you embrace your role as a business owner. We look at the business side of self-employment and how to be the boss of your own business.

We're here to help you be the boss of your own business.

A delivery contractor with a backpack pedals away from under a downtown awning after picking up a Doordash order.

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  • The Dasher's Guide to Doordash Self-Employment Tax
    What is Self-Employment tax and why are Dashers being charged an extra tax for being independent contractors? At some point, you're wondering, “do you have to pay taxes for Doordash?” There might be a bit of a shock to find out, not only do you have income tax for Dashing, but there's this thing called …
  • Does Doordash Track Miles? Mileage Tracking for Dashers
    Doordash does not track miles for you when you deliver for them. They may provide you with an estimate of your total miles driven at the end of the year. However, that estimate doesn't meet IRS documentation requirements. Why is this important? As an independent contractor, business expenses serve as write-offs for Doordash Dashers. For …
  • How Much Should I Save for Doordash Taxes?
    Doordash drivers need to set enough money aside to cover income tax (starting at 10%), self-employment tax (15.3%), and any state or local taxes incurred due to their earnings. But there's more to it than that. Independent contractor taxes can be a bit more involved. To help get a feel for what to save, we'll …
  • Are There Better Delivery Alternatives than Doordash and Uber Eats?
    When things get worse with all of the major delivery companies, are there better options for independent contractors? There are several alternatives to Doordash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Instacart. However, in my years of experience, I found that it's better to look at them as additional opportunities rather than alternatives. Rather than replacing the major …
  • How to Deliver for Grubhub
    The following articles take a look at different ideas, tips and tricks to help you deliver for Grubhub as an independent contractor.

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