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I am Stopping Delivery for Grubhub, Uber Eats, Doordash and Postmates during this Quarantine. Here’s Why.

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Colorado just initiated a shelter in place order. We are locked down.

Okay, locked down is kind of severe. We can still do food delivery. We can still get out and get the things we need. Pot shops are still open for goodness sake. It's hard to call that a lockdown.

Whatever it is, I'm putting my delivery business on pause.

Here's why.

Image of a Pause button.
I've decided to pause my delivery business in the midst of this quarantine.

This is not a safety decision.

I'm not worried about catching this thing because of my deliveries. I'm not worried about spreading this thing either.

Despite what all the stuff is out there, I just don't feel like I'm at risk.

I believe that because of the precautions I take. I disinfect everything frequently enough to make Sheldon Cooper proud. I've been dilligent in how to use gloves properly. I protect myself from surfaces that could be contaminated. On top of that, I keep my distance.

The restaurants have been amazing in how innovative they've become with all of this. Sometimes I feel like they go overboard, but I'd rather they do that than be careless. Everything they can do to eliminate contract is impressive. The folks I deliver to have been amazing as well. They keep their distance, they respect what's going on.

Except for the guy who stuck out his hand to shake hands when I delivered – I'm not sure if he was serious, or if it was a test or what. I just kinda ignored him.

I seriously feel comfortable that I can and will be safe if I continue delivering.

So why am I putting my deliveries for Grubhub, Doordash, Postmates and Uber Eats on pause?

It's all about opportunity.

Part of it is creating opportunity for other drivers.

I was recently interviewed for an article in Marketwatch about life doing delivery when restaurants have been shut down. One of the question really made me think. Why do I continue to deliver? I talked about this some in a Delivery Life post – that I'm thankful that it's not a desperation thing. It's not a necessity to deliver to survive, in part because I have a practice of giving myself paid time off. I set aside money every week so that if I decide to take time off for vacation or I need to for being sick, I can still keep my income steady from that PTO fund.

As I thought about that, I began thinking that if things got to a point where my delivery work might get in the way of others who might need it more, maybe it's time to step aside.

That time may have arrived.

Here's the funny thing: Over the past week I've noticed restaurants seem to have more and more delivery business. That's a good thing. At the same time I'm noticing longer and longer waits between delivery offers.

In other words, a lot more people are getting out there to deliver. People have been laid off left and right. Part time couriers are going full time. Some folks just need an excuse to get out of the house during the shelter in place orders.

So maybe it's time to let some other people get those deliveries.

It's an opportunity to be with family

I've got three adult kids still living in this house. Usually they're all over the place, two are home while they go to college and the one is just working and hanging out with friends. Now they're stuck at home. My wife teaches for a community college and she's stuck here as well.

I'll have to admit, you hear of all the families about ready to strangle one another after too much time cooped up together. Sometime I think I should keep delivering just for the sake of sanity.

But you know something? Everyone was at the dinner table last night. The kids were getting tired of hanging out in their rooms or ordering in food (I'm kinda amazed I've never been the one to deliver to any of them yet). It's like there's only so much you can do on your own to pass the time. So there's a real opportunity for connection at a level that may not be there for awhile after awhile.

Maybe some of it is not wanting to abandon my wife and leave her to dealing with it all by herself?

And there's an opportunity to grow the projects I want to grow.

There are some things on this site I've wanted to do. I'd love to put together something a bit more structured to help people get started or grow their delivery business. This is a good time for that.

But more than that, it's an awesome opportunity to dig into my why.

I try to stress this a lot: Remember your why. When I really got serious about growing this site and starting the podcast, I kicked it all off with talking about remembering your why. Why do you do this?

So here's an opportunity to practice what I preach. I'm in a position where I can step back a little and give myself a little more time. I've shared this a number of times but my whole reason for doing delivery in the first place is that it gives me the flexibility to work on some projects that I'm passionate about. My goal is to eventually launch those into a fulltime thing. In fact part of what got me started with THIS particular site is it gave me the opportunity to learn how to do the things I want to do with those projects.

So here's my chance. I can dig in. I'm kind of excited about that.

The nice thing about the pause button is you can unpause.

There may be times in the midst of this, I may decide to unpause. There may be times where the demand is high enough that I don't feel like I'm in the way of someone else. Sometimes I may want to get out to document things, if doing that can help someone else with their deliveries.

This is a scary time. There's a lot of uncertainty about where this is all going. Some are scared for their health, some for their finances. And I think I just got to the point where, I want to take control. I want to make the decision now to grasp opportunities.

What are you doing with all this?

Are you still delivering? Are you going forward, or does it make more sense to stay home during this time? Reply or email me, I'd love to hear from you during this time.

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