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How Much Did I Earn on Doordash?

Maybe it's tax time and you want to verify your 1099 earnings. Or perhaps you're doing some financial planning and want to know what you've received for your contract work with Doordash.

How can I tell how much I earned with Doordash when Doordash doesn't provide a record of your earnings?

beans on a ledger with person counting wondering "how much did i earn on Doordash?"

Doordash: worst in class for contractor records

There is no portal for Dashers who want to pull up a record of their earnings.

You can log in at All you can get there is an estimate of your miles driven. That estimate is only loaded annually, if that, and only captures about a third of your miles. No earnings record.

You can pull up your earnings history on the app. It only goes back a few months.

Uber Eats lets you pull up the history of every delivery you ever made. Grubhub sends an email each week telling what they paid out.

And then there's Doordash.

Figure sitting down in the middle of an "incompetence" word cloud.
Not that I think Doordash is incompetent with their tech, but….

If you haven't figured it out: The one way to NOT know how much you earned is to pull the information from the app.

For awhile, I asked readers who thought their Doordash 1099 was wrong how they knew it was wrong. 63% said they added up earnings on the app.

The problem with that is, once you go back more than a few months, data starts disappearing. I've seen times where trips disappear from the older records (old being about 4 months ago). The app totals are not reliable and only go back so far.

Three ways to know what you earned as an Independent Contractor with Doordash.

Here's part of the problem.

You agreed that you are an independent contractor. What that means is, you agreed that you are contracting with Doordash as a business, not as an employee.

In so doing, you took the responsibility on your own shoulders.

Doordash has no obligation keep track of anything. They're not your boss and they're not your employer. And Doordash being Doordash seems happy to oblige and provide far less information than anyone else.

Have you ever seen a restaurateur running around the community asking people, “hey, how much did you spend at my restaurant this year?” Do you see any business person relying on their customers to come in and report what they earned?

You can take control of the situation. Here are three ways you can know what you made with Doordash.

Option 1: Keep ongoing records of what you earned with Doordash

Closeup of some wooden digits against a calculator and spectacles on top of a list of Doordash earnings.
The best way to know the answer to ‘how much did I earn on Doordash?': Good record keeping

Treat this like a business. Keep a regular record of what you're earning.

I would suggest you start with creating a bank account just for your delivery business. Create a routine:

  • Have your earnings deposited into that account.
  • Each week, take a few minutes to set money aside for expenses (your car) your taxes, and then transfer what's left to your regular checking thus giving yourself a paycheck.
  • Record your earnings and payments into a good tracking app or program.

The whole thing can be done in about five minutes.

Get an app like Hurdlr. They have a free version that you can access from your phone or log on from your desktop or laptop. It's set up to record all your information in a format that fits with independent contractor taxes. You can read our full review of Hurdlr's mileage and expense tracking app here.

If you're doing this every week, you can sit down at any time and pull up a report that shows how much you made, and how much you spent.

The paid version of Hurdlr (or other apps like Quickbooks Self Employed) will connect to your bank account and makes it very easy to classify all your earnings and expenses.

I can tell you immediately if my 1099 from any of the apps is wrong. That's because I can pull up my records.

Option 2: Check your bank account and add up what you earned with Doordash

If you don't have records, pull up your bank records.

If your earnings are sent to your checking account, once you start doing this you may see why I recommend a separate bank account. Imagine what it's going to be like when you try finding your expenses come tax time.

This is usually easier if you have online access to your records. Usually you can search for Doordash. Even if you have to download PDF statements, you can usually pull up all the deposits by searching.

While you're searching, you can write them down, you can put the totals down on a spreadsheet, or you can enter them into a program like Hurdlr. (I know, I'm beating a dead horse but getting started with good bookkeeping is just that important).

Don't forget your instant pay deposits.

Stained grainy image of hand with finger extended with string tied around it.

If you use the instant pay feature and it's deposited to a debit card that's not tied to your bank account, make sure you are adding up all those deposits as well.

And while you're at it, make sure you add $1.99 for every instant pay deposit.

Why? Because that $1.99 is money you earned. It's money that is counted in your earnings by Doordash and will be included in your 1099-NEC. However, since they deduct the $1.99 when they transfer the money over, your deposit is $1.99 less.

For example, if you had $100 and chose instant pay, Doordash pulls out $1.99 and sends the rest to your debit card. You earned $100 but your deposit only shows $98.01.

The good news is you can write those deposits off as a business expense, much like bank fees. Which, by the way, is another thing you can put down in your Hurdlr (or other bookkeeping) app.

You can use a third party solution to add up older payments and determined what you earned with Doordash for the year.

There are some third party apps like Para and Gridwise that connect to your Doordash account and can pull records of your earnings.

And the crazy thing is, they can pull up your earnings going back to well before the start of 2020. So I'm not sure why Doordash can't provide earnings summaries beyond a few months ago.

When the issue was brought up of Dashers not being able to pull up an earnings record, and of the frequent incorrect 1099 forms from Doordash, Para revamped their app so that it can provide daily, monthly and yearly totals.

David Pickerell of Para told us “It's frustrating that the Doordash app only shows you the past 6 months! We're happy to help you with this – in fact, we can help you pull your entire work history, all the way back to your first day on Doordash.”

You can request the app at this link.

Screenshot of the Para app showing a yearly total of Doordash earnings, all pulled from Doordash data.

The nice thing is that they can actually access your data, meaning you don't have to input anything. My one caution is that Doordash does seem to be cracking down on unauthorized access to data from the app. Para has assured me that the company they work with does have authorization to connect with the Doordash app.

David told me that if you have any questions or problems related to the app, you can feel free to reach out to them at or text them at 833-356-1068.

Two things to be aware of if you connect:

One, it takes a long time for the data to populate into their app. It took 15 to 30 minutes for me to get the information beyond the first few months.

Two, their annual total won't usually be an exact match with your 1099 even if the 1099 is correct. That's because the Para app totals everything up on a day by day basis. Doordash totals things up on a week by week basis. Earnings from the last few days of the year may be counted in the following year's totals.

I ran the numbers. I added deliveries from the last two days of 2019. Then I deducted deliveries from the last four days of 2020 (2021 earnings). My earnings matched my 1099 to the penny.

How much did I earn on Doordash?

It's tempting to take this a different direction. The reality is that what you earned are your profits, not what you were paid by Doordash.

That said, you must know what you actually received in the first place.

Keeping great records is the very first and very best way to know. It really is your responsibility. But sometimes, things happen. Checking your bank records, and using apps like Para are good ways to go back and see what you really earned.

What to do if your Doordash 1099 is wrong

What to do if your Doordash 1099 is wrong

Doordash has been notorious for sending out 1099 forms with wrong total earnings. Especially bad is when they state that you earned more than you really did.

Do not let it slide. If they report too much income, you pay too much in taxes. Take these steps to make sure you get it taken care of.


  1. Don't just sit there. Do something! This is serious. If you file using inflated Doordash 1099 numbers, you pay way too much in taxes. If you file using the right numbers, the IRS has a copy of the inflated Doordash 1099 numbers, and they'll think you're under-reporting.
  2. Know what you really made. You won't get this from the Doordash app. They only keep a few months records. Go through your bank records. ALL OF THEM (especially if you use instant cash out). Get a book keeping program like Hurdlr and add up everything and make sure you know what the right amount should be.
  3. Demand a correction. Contact Doordash immediately. Demand they get it corrected immediately. They have a responsibiility to submit the right information. Hound them, be a dog with a bone.
  4. Make sure the correction is corrected. MAKE SURE that the "corrected" box is checked. Compare it to your actual numbers and make sure it's right this time.

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