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The EntreCourier exists to provide the tools and information that you can use to profitably and successfully run your delivery business. Our goal is to help you think like a business owner.

After all, whether you planned to be or not, you are a business owner. That's pretty much the legal definition of an independent contractor.

We want you to claim your role as the owner. As the Boss! To take control.

Boss identification plate with engraving

Learn more about the importance of being the boss.

The story of Abo tells a bit more about what this blog is about. It also introduces the 31 Day Courier MBA – a special 31 day series about Mastering your Business Attitude.

And who is this EntreCourier guy, anyway?

Sketch drawing of the EntreCourier
Ron Walter, The EntreCourier

Hi. I'm Ron, the EntreCourier.

I'm here to put my years of business management and ownership experience to use helping you manage your own delivery business.

I spent twenty years in all areas of business in the telcom industry, sales, service, and management. I was the business manager for a small nonprofit organization. I've operated my own businesses, I've managed employees, I've overseen independent contractors, and I've worked both as an employee and independent contractor.

In February 2018 I started doing delivery gig work full time. I chose that route because it gave me the flexibility to pursue some passions on my own time and my own schedule, and amazingly it paid better than a lot of the other options out there. I really think my business experience helped me in a lot of ways, from understanding my rights as a business owner (not an employee!), understanding the perspective of the businesses I was contracting with, and using business principles to be more efficient and more profitable.

As I've gotten involved in forums and the delivery community, it just seemed like people could benefit from that experience, and so the EntreCourier was born. I truly hope that this can help you become better, more profitable, and more in control as a business owner.

You can follow my journey in developing EntreCourier and other pursuits at

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