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Day Two of the Great(er) Uber Eats Challenge

Let's just call it brain fart Wednesday.

Or maybe we'll call it brain fart slow Wednesday.

I thought of calling it the Uber Eats Theory of Relativity Wednesday. For every really good day there's an equal and opposite… you know where I'm going.

Seriously though, it wasn't THAT bad, but it sure felt it for awhile. One good brain fart set the stage and then it took awhile to recover.

Brain Fart Wednesday, Day Two of the Greater Uber Eats Challenge
Brain Fart Wednesday, Day Two of the Greater Uber Eats Challenge

A late start, a brain fart, and a slow afternoon

A few weeks ago when I did my very first unintentional Uber Eats challenge the first day was awesome. The second day was a disaster. I was getting worried that it this week was going to follow the same pattern.

I spent the morning working on some personal things, and putting up a post about my experience looking for commercial auto insurance. When doing Uber Eats, compared to my usual emphasis on Grubhub, there is a blessing and a curse in not having a structured schedule. I really do like the freedom. However, when your phone isn't blowing up at you saying hey, you need to get logged in to your schedule or we're going to mark you absent, it's easier to get a late start. And…. get a late start I did.

And then there's the brain fart. I've said this several times lately, that I'm finding that higher paying orders with Uber Eats are the ones to avoid, right? Right? (I understand, you may not have been reading enough to actually be able to answer that – I apologize if that second “Right?” looked pushy – it was really intended for myself because… sometimes I don't learn.)

The first offer of the day. $8.48 looks good, right?
The first offer of the day. $8.48 looks good, right?

Do not be fooled by the high offer value.

Remember that this is the amount before tip. So $8.48 looks good. And I'm in the middle of a Quest that averages $1.47 per delivery, so now we're nearly $10. The restaurant is close. The restaurant is an Italian place that, I'm pretty sure it's going to be $20 of food MINIMUM… good pay, good tip potential, that's a no brainer, right?

This was my brain fart.

I've been saying lately, take the lowballs with Uber Eats, reject the high offers. It doesn't make sense, right? Most people looking at that offer are going to say it looks like an awesome offer. With Quest and tip it's going to be close to $15, and only 20 minutes driving?

I took it. I was enticed by where it was from, I ignored my counter intuitive rule, I liked that I was right there by the restaurant…

Part of the problem was I didn't pay ENOUGH attention. This order was going way up north of where I like to deliver. So it was a bit of a drive but it also left me where I had to make a bit of a drive back.

Bottom line, it ended up paying out $14.70 total. But by the time I dropped it off and dead-headed my way back to where I could get orders again, it was 47 minutes and 14 miles. I was kicking myself the whole way. It paid out $14.17 profit per hour, which isn't terrible… just wasn't how I wanted to start.

And then…. it just got slow.

I got a late start – my first order came in after 12:30. So now it's 1:30 by the time I'm ready to take another offer. I got two more deliveries that went okay, none were fantastic but both paid better per hour (because I wasn't driving FOURTEEN FREAKING MILES!!!)

You might guess, I still haven't forgiven myself for the brain fart.

And then it just drug to a halt. I am finding that mid afternoon is not usually very good with Uber Eats. There was a three hour period where I did one Uber Eats delivery. I did grab some Doordash deliveries. And then there was that Grubhub delivery that I took, the idea being it would take me into the heart of where my Uber Eats orders are the best. Call that brain fart number two: At the height of rush hour – what normally would be about a 20 minute delivery took just short of an hour.

There's this line about first impressions being the most important. It's like that first delivery of the day, my first impression, stuck with me. We're getting into the heart of lunch rush and so far I've made $12.10 profit per hour and only had FOUR Uber Eats deliveries. This isn't good when you're on a larger quest. I started out the day 27 away from accomplishing the quest which would be easy peasy for 2 days, right? Not looking good, my friends.

Finishing Strong

Finally, getting close to 6, I started to hit a groove. Offers were a little more consistent, however I did still end up picking up a Grubhub delivery when there was a bit of a delay. Actually, all three platforms were slow for a Wednesday night. However, it was an absolutely gorgeous day out, and I'm sure that has an impact.

I did take break my no high-dollar rule one more time. However, it was going the same distance as a Doordash order that came in (restaurants were right across the street from each other). And, it was taking me in the direction of my home, which was a good thing as it was getting later in the day.

I finished off the day strong with a nice high paying $3 delivery. Okay, $3 isn't that high, I get that. But here's the thing about taking those minimum offers that are quick: It took me 9 minutes. After tip and quest, it was $6.46. I know a lot of people NEVER take a delivery under $7 on Grubhub or Doordash – but it was NINE MINUTES. You could do six of those in an hour – it paid more than $40 per hour – so I was pretty pleased with that one.

Impressions now that day two is in the books.

When it was all said and done, I made $174.68 in eight hours. That's $21.84 per hour, and a profit per hour of $19.30. That's actually about average. Actually, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a bit harder to compare because those are the days I'm most likely to take off because they are typically the slowest days of the week. Generally when I do work Wednesdays, it's only the evening.

It totaled okay, but I wasn't pleased. I had to fill in a number of Doordash and Grubhub deliveries to make it work. That's okay, I do that even when I'm doing Grubhub. But there were a lot more dead spots than I'm used to with Uber Eats – maybe that was because I chose to deliver mid afternoon. Out of eight hours, two of those were delivering Grubhub and Doordash, and another half hour was idle time where I'm not delivering for anyone.

As far as final numbers, it turned out okay in the end. The Uber Eats orders were more profitable than the others, I profited $22.32 per hour while delivering for them. But it was the slowness that surprised me. I'm not sure if it's the weather or something else.

14.75 hours down, 25.25 to go.

I've made $361.62 overall, $293.20 of that is with Uber Eats, $51.61 with Grubhub and $23 with Doordash. Usually I'm doing 70% Grubhub and UE and DD are fighting it out for the rest, so far this week it's been 80% Uber Eats.

Now I should say that all these numbers are assuming that I complete the 45 delivery Quest. I've got 31 done so far and am planning a full day today, so it SHOULD be okay. That said, I struggled to get 13 in yesterday, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm getting a little pumped about the weekend coming up. This is the first weekend in forever that I wasn't focusing primarily on Grubhub. I'm just really curious to see how it goes during a busier time period.

Stay tuned…..

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