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App-based Gig Economy: Opportunity or Exploitation?

I want to give a shout out to Chad at GigTube (Twitter @Gig_Tube and  GigTube on Youtube) for posting the article that inspired today's title. Mike Bebernes at Yahoo News put up an article with a title worth discussing: The gig economy: Opportunity or exploitation?

That's a great question. In light of last week's Prop 22 decision in California and the fact they're still trying to get PRO Act pushed through the Senate, it's worth discussing. Are app-based gig economy workers (especially in Delivery and Rideshare) exploited? Or is it an opportunity for people?


I think both are happening. But I believe we have the power to decide which one it is.

What we talk about:

1:38    Introductions, the importance of multi-apping

5:00    Talking about other platforms besides the major 3 or 4 delivery apps

6:09    With PUA ending in September, things can change a lot for delivery. It's more important than ever to look into multiple apps

15:00  Finally diving into the topic – Gig Economy: Opportunity or Exploitation?

17:55  I believe that it's both exploitation and opportunity

19:44  Gig economy apps are trying to get employees but only pay for contractors

22:07  Gig companies bank on gig workers thinking like employees

25:45  Not being up front with what Gig work actually entails

29:30  The opportunity is in independence.

32:27  Delivery has been a life saver for many during the Pandemic

42:00  The best way to avoid exploitation.

What do you think? Is it exploitation or opportunity? Leave a comment below or email your comments

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