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Help me pick a new logo

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It's time.

A little more than a year ago, I sat down and played around with Photoshop. I was launching this goofy little website for delivery drivers. I needed a logo, right? The truth was I figured maybe I'll get a couple dozen visitors, so this was going to be low budget.

I sat down, opened up Photoshop, and started playing around. Basically all I did was typed out the name, scrolled through all the different font choices available, found one I liked, then doodled on a hat and a bow tie, hung a delivery on the C and called it good. Not bad for an amateur who has no clue about graphic design. Even still I spent who knows how many hours in front of YouTube learning how to do what little I did. It was actually kind of fun. It'll never win any awards, but it did the job.

The original EntreCourier logo

I'm getting to the point where, I just feel like it's time to move on to something else.

Looking ahead

I decided a couple weeks ago to stay home and sit some of this pandemic out. I was seeing things slow down some in my market due to the over-saturation of drivers, and I decided this was a good time to focus on some other things. Part of that focus was on this website.

It's been really great, because it gave me the opportunity to sit down, put more thought into the direction I want to go and some of the things I want to do.

I built this site with a simple plan: Put out good and useful information. That was it. If I did a good enough job with it and if I was consistent with it, then I figured that eventually I'd build an audience. And then eventually, I could get clues as to where to go next.

These past couple weeks, I've been able to see some of those clues. I've written about some things I found useful and posted links to them, and I've been blown away by how many people followed those links. So I've been kicking around the idea of providing some gear or other resources.

I enjoyed putting together the Courier MBA series and the Tax Guide series, so I've started thinking about what other things I can put together. I've started thinking through a lot of things about whether there are services I can offer or what other things can I do that can help you while supporting the operation of this site. I watched as the website has seen an average of 30% growth in visitors per month over the past few months. And I realized, this site is growing up.

And maybe the logo is the next thing that needs to grow up a little.

So I put out some information, got some ideas on logos, and now I have to decide.

When I say I got some ideas… I actually got 157. That blew me away. HOW do you whittle down that many great ideas to pick just one? I gotta tell you, when you get that many, you get some really great things in the mix. There were some that it was hard to pass up, there's a little FOMO (fear of missing out) going on when you start declining designs – am I passing up on the best of the logos? This is not an easy process, but I have to say, I loved it. Just to see all the creative takes and ideas… there's a lot of incredible talent out there.

But I did manage to whittle it down to six. (Edit: As of Sunday night, I narrowed it down to four)

And I need your help.

Okay, I needed your help. And a lot of you came through in a fantastic way. I want to thank everyone who helped me narrow these down and come to a decision. I was pleased with so many of these options. As soon as everything is finalized, I'll post the winner.

Thank you for helping me with this step in moving forward.


Meet the new logo. Same as… okay, different than the old logo.

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