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Master of Business Attitude: 31 Day Courier MBA Schedule

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Launching tomorrow morning, July 1, our first episode in the Deliver on Your Business Podcast!

We will start the launch with a 31 day Courier MBA series, where MBA stands for Mastering Business Attitude. The purpose of the series is to look at 30 different business prinicples and ideas, look at how they apply to what we do as independent contractor couriers in the gig economy, and see how they can make a difference in how we operate our business.

Here is the schedule of posts we plan to cover:

Developing a Business Plan
July 2: Who Are You? Understand your business type.
July 3: Creating a mission statement – Understand your Why
July 4: Understanding your market.
July 5: Your Sources of Revenue
July 6: Understand Your Financial Requirements
July 7: Develop an Exit Strategy

Operations: Making Business Decisions
July 8: Measuring your performance – how are you doing?
July 9: Using the 40 Cent Rule to Make Business Decisions
July 10: Choosing equipment to help you be profitable
July 11: Identifying the best places to deliver
July 12: Accepting and rejecting orders
July 13: Get in and out of restaurants quickly
July 14: Juggling multiple applications
July 15: Using the loss leader principle on low pay orders
July 16: Reduce delivery times with efficient driving

July 17: Understanding Profit and Loss
July 18: What are your REAL expenses?
July 19: Protect Your Business With the Right Car Insurance
July 20: Protect against future vehicle disaster – create a sinking fund.
July 21: Understand your taxes
July 22: Know when to say when.

Customer Service
July 23: Who is your real customer?
July 24: Create a customer first attitude
July 25: Is the customer always right?
July 26: Improving tips through customer service
July 27: Firing your customer

Employee Relationships
July 28: Benefits: Paid vacation, retirement, etc.
July 29: Work Life Balance 
July 30 Give yourself a paycheck
July 31: Professional Development.

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