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What are the Best Times to Deliver Grubhub? (FAQ Series)

What are the best times to deliver Grubhub? I can't answer that. Okay, maybe if you live in my market, I could give you some good ideas, but it really depends on where you are and what your own preferences are.

I can try to give you some ideas how to figure things out though.

Let's talk about what are the best times to deliver Grubhub.

What are the best times to deliver Grubhub? Pay attention to your market and learn the busiest and most profitable times to deliver
What are the best times to deliver Grubhub? Pay attention to your market

What are the best times to deliver Grubhub in general?

When you are just getting started as a driver for Grubhub, or for any platform for that matter, it's good to have an idea when things are typically going to be busy. Let's talk about some of them. Ultimately, you want to ask yourself this question: When are people going to be ordering food?

Focus first on dinner and lunch hours

As a general rule, you can expect to be busier between 11 and 2 for lunch, and between 5 and 9 for dinner. This is going to vary in some areas, if there's more of a tendency for people to eat later in the day in your area, you might shift that back, or vise versa if they eat earlier. Grubhub delivery hours vary by market, none of the markets that I know of have 24 hour delivery, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. A lot of markets open up early for breakfast, for example in my market they start as early as 9 AM. My observation is that the early hours don't tend to be as busy, nor do mid afternoon hours.

Pay attention to the busier and slower days of the week.

Again, this is going to vary by market. Typically you will find more order activity happening on weekends, Friday, Saturnday, and Sunday. Monday and Tuesday tend to be the slowest days for restaurants, and my experience is that holds true for delivery as well. In fact, I almost always take Tuesdays and often Mondays. You know, there's a bit of a kick to being able to say that Monday, the day everyone hates to go to work, is my day off.

Pay attention to slower and busier times of the year

You can usually expect that July and August tend to be slower than a lot of months. I think there are a number of reasons for this. Whether it's weather or vacation or something else, I think people tend to be doing things away from home more often and less likely to order in. There's more a sense of getting out and about during the summer. College students have gone home for the summer and might feel less free to order in when living at home with mom and dad than when they were in the dorm. College students driving deliveries as a summer drive might saturate the market a bit more as well.

Historically, September tends to be the slowest month for restaurants, but I'm not sure that translates to slow months for delivery. Students are back in their dorms, so that leads to an uptick. My experience has been the start of sports seasons, especially football season, tends to drive a lot of deliveries. You know, I think people tend to order in more for football games than they do for baseball games.

As the weather starts to get colder, you will find that drives a lot of delivery ordering. People are less likely to go out, less likely to want to go to the restaurants, and more likely to want the food brought to them. Expect October through February or March to be the busiest of delivery times.

Pay attention to TV events.

This can be sporting events or certain TV related events that would have people staying at home. With streaming video these days, there's less emphasis on schedules as there once was, but live events and certain other things can still get peoples' attention.

I mentioned football season. Any kind of live sporting events that people might get together to watch will lead to an uptick in deliver. Obviously you will have championships and popular sports where people often gather together. It used to be they made their tailgating supplies for watching an event at home or at a friend's, but more are starting to order food in.

There are also certain events that just draw more deliveries. Awards shows such as the Grammy's or Oscars are always busy delivery nights. Even with streaming, there are popular shows that always spur a party when they are made available. Although this particular show has ended, Game of Thrones was a huge example.

What are the best times to deliver Grubhub in your market?

This is where you really start to separate yourself – when you start doing your own market research. As you gain experience, you can start to figure out the good times to go deliver. Some of it, you just notice. But if you want to get really specific and start doing some tracking, you can really get a good feel for what works.

To make this work, you want to know how to measure profit per hour. In a nutshell you deduct your expenses from your earnings to understand your profit, and then divide profit by the time you drove to get profit per hour. You can even calculate that on a delivery by delivery basis. Figure your profit for the delivery (how much did you get including tips, minus (cost per mile X miles driven). Divide that by minutes to get your profit per minute. Take profit per minute times 60 to get profit per hour.

If you start tracking every delivery that way, you can start seeing the trends. I can tell you which hours of the week are the most profitable for me. I know that between 7 and 9 are the most profitable times for me, I can tell you Saturday nights are best for me, Sunday nights are closer (and will probably pass Saturday on football season) and that Saturday between 8 and 9 is the very best for me.

Your results may vary

That almost sounds like a commercial for an investment or something, doesn't it? But you know something? It IS an investment. What are best times to deliver Grubhub? You're the only one who can tell you that. If you pay close enough attention to what's going on in your market, especially if you do the kind of tracking that I'm talking about, you will be able to tell me the answer to that question.

Here's the deal – if you pay close enough attention, and you have the flexibility to work your drive schedule around the more profitable times to drive, that can make a tremendous difference in how much you earn.

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