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A Delivery Driver’s Message to Restaurant Operators

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I see you.

I see the look in your eyes when I come in and pick up food for delivery.

It's not that different than what I see in a lot of other faces. But with you, it's more real.

This thing, this pandemic, you know, I'm not even going to honor it by naming it. We all know what it is.

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This little microscopic monster has wreaked havoc on your business, on your industry.

I see it.

And I want you to know, it's breaking my heart just because I see it breaking yours.

I've seen the tears in your eyes when you told me about the people you had to let go. Business has been way down or maybe the state or city has shut you down except take out and delivery. You can't keep everyone on. You want desperately to, but in order to have a chance at having a place they can come back to when all this has settled down, you had to make some hard decisions.

And yeah, I see the fear in your eyes. You've poured your life into this thing. You've put blood, sweat and tears into it. You give it your all, and… you don't know if this thing is going to take it away.

It's a little harder to see that, because it's buried by that concern for your people. But it's there.

I've had a couple times I couldn't keep delivering because it hurts to see that. The uncertainty, the heartbreak.

But you want to know what's kept me going?

Something else I see in your eyes. More than anything else I see this.


You'll be damned if you're going to let this thing beat you. I see you working, toiling, fighting to keep this thing alive.

I see you fighting for your staff.

I see you battling for your customers. For the community you've built.

And you inspire me.

You give me hope. I see you on the front lines and I see you ready to make this thing work when everything is stacked against you. I see an optimism and a hope, and that has a way of passing on.

You make me believe that we will get through this.

I've seen how some of the others who do what I do act when things aren't like they want them to be when they come pick up. Some are maybe just as scared as everyone else. Some are just entitled, I don't know. Maybe they don't see the things I see. I'm sorry.

More than anything, thank you.

Thank you for everything I see in your eyes. I see you and I know this isn't some statistic or distant story. It's real. Thank you for letting me see that.

And thank you for inspring me. For giving me hope.

We're getting through this. I know we are. I know because I see you.

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