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31 Day Courier MBA Course

Thank you for being part of the very first 31 Day Courier MBA Course.

Each day you'll receive an email updating you on the course, and with an introduction to the subject of the day. The email will contain a link to the page for the day's topic.

The course is based on the first 31 episodes of the Deliver on Your Business Podcast. The podcast launched in July 2019 with a 31 day series called the Courier MBA (sound familiar?)

We'll cover most of the same topics in the course. It may not always be in the same order. Sometimes you can find more detail in the posts from the original series. In the course there are times we'll go into more depth.

What I really hope to accomplish in the course is to go deeper in applying the information to what you do. We'll get into questions that help you think through what the information presented means to you in your delivery business.

You may want to book mark this page. Links will be added for each day's content as it is made available in the course. That way you can come back to this page as a point of reference.

Enjoy the class!

September 1: Introduction to the Courier MBA Course

Building Your Business Plan

September 2: Who are you? Your business
September 3: Why are you? Your mission statement
September 4: Where are you? Your market
September 5: Where's the money coming from?
September 6: Your Business Goals
September 7: Your Exit Strategy

Your Business Operations: Making Business Decisions

September 8: Measuring Your Business Performance
September 9: The 50 Cent Rule
September 10: The Best Ways to Improve Profits
September 11: Tools of the Trade
September 12: The Best Times and Places to Deliver
September 13: Accepting and Rejecting Offers
September 14: Building Relationships with Restaurants
September 15: Working Multiple Apps
September 16: The Loss Leader Strategy

Finance: It's All About the Money

September 17: Understanding Profit and Loss
September 18: Your car's actual cost per mile
September 19: Get the Right Insurance
September 20: The Best Way to Prepare for Big Ticket Car Expenses
September 21: 6 Things to do about Taxes
September 22: Tracking your miles
September 23: Bookkeeping: What to Track
September 24: Bookkeeping: How to Track It

Customer Service

September 25: A Customerception – Who is your real customer?
September 26: A Customer First Attitude
September 27: Customer Service and Tipping
September 28: The Customer Is Not Always Right

Employee Relations

September 29: Paychecks and Benefits
September 30: Creating a Great Work Environment
September 31: Wrapping it all Up

For the original podcast episodes from the Courier MBA series that I did, you can view the topics on the schedule page that I published here. The links on the page go to the associated blog post, which was generally a written form of the content for the podcast. There you can either read or click on the player on the page to listen to the podcast episode that went with it. These are from over a year ago, sometimes they'll add a little more depth to the topics we discuss. You will notice there have been some changes in the topics between then and now.

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