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31 Day Courier MBA Class

31 Days to a More Profitable Delivery Business

The 31 Day Courier MBA Class helps you Master Your Business Attitude
The 31 Day Courier MBA Class helps you Master Your Business Attitude

Doordash thinks $2 sounds like great pay. Grubhub is happy to send you 12 miles across town for not much pay. Postmates is being bought up, and Uber Eats is, well…. Uber.

How do you survive and thrive in this gig economy world?

By Mastering Your Business Attitude

What do we mean by ‘more profitable delivery business?' What's all this business talk?

Maybe you've heard all the talk about how gig delivery companies are taking advantage of their couriers. Instead of hiring employees and providing the guarantees and insurance and all you're supposed to provide your workers, they choose to call us independent contractors.

Hopefully, you looked into what that means when you signed the contract?

The bottom line is, you were being hired as a business. Not an employee.

What's the best way to avoid being taken advantage of?

Claim your rights as a business owner.

Beat them at their own game.

Embrace your role as a business owner. Develop a business attitude.

Master Your Business Attitude!!!

To help you do that, we're launching a 31 day email course called the 31 day Courier MBA.

The first email will hit your inbox September 1.

Each day we'll look at different business topics. We'll take practical steps and build that business attitude.

And we'll look for ways to be more efficient and make more money.

And we're not charging anything.

We're capping the class at 50 participants.

That just makes it manageable.

Want to master your business attitude?

Sign up here.

Oh, by the way….

as a thank you gift for signing up and completing the work….

See, each email is going to have a bit of homework. We'll ask for some info sometimes, for your opinions on others, your progress still others.

Everyone who completes all 31 steps will receive a thank you gift:

If you noticed in the signup form, I asked for your shirt size. I overbought on these Independent Delivery Pro polo's, so this is something I can do, right? If you complete all 31 ‘assignments' I'll send you a polo.

Here's the thing. This is the first time I've tried out a class. You're dealing with a newbie course creator. To thank you for putting up with all that, and for just being part of Courier Nation, I want to provide this as a thank you.


Okay, scroll up, fill out the form.

Class starts September 1.

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